Jenny's Aviaries & Other Animals

Welcome - come meet some of my Birds, Reptiles, Dogs & Chickens


 Hello and welcome....

We have have always had pets in our family - my life has changed, my two children have grown up and moved out into the wide world to make their own way - but I'm still here and I still have my animals!!











 This website is simply to try and collate in one place details of :

  • My aviaries and my collection of cage & aviary birds - these vary in number and species from time to time but the aviaries are always busy.
  • My reptiles - in the past we've kept an amelanistic cornsnake and a western hognose snake but now only have an assortment of lizards.  I'm also interested in some amphibians but have not gone further down that road at present!!!
  • The smaller furries - three degus and a hand-reared orphaned wild rabbit.
  • My dogs, all 'rescued' in one way or another, and all much loved pets now
  • Last but by no means least, my chickens - like the birds the number & breeds vary occasionally but I always have some here, sharing the aviaries happily with the smaller birds and supplying me with lovely tasty eggs!

The next page gives you some background information about me: my life, my home and my work.  Then there's a section on my animals and birds - all updated when something momentous or sad happens.  Don't forget to have a browse through the photo albums in the Gallery too!

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Please note I do come back every now and then to alter or improve wording, add or delete photos, or simply admire my handiwork   (only kidding)!!! So check back every now and then in case it's been changed......